Friday, March 14, 2014

Du vin?

Wine, anyone?

FTV will now pick up your orders from Total Wine & More in Greenville as an added feature of our service. Here are some details (very slight changes in existing fees, too; please take note):

Trader Joe's and Whole Foods:
  • $10 for 1-7 items, not to exceed approx. volume of 1 full paper grocery bag or one case of wine 
  • $15 for 8-20 items, not to exceed approx. volume of 2 full paper grocery bags
  • See our homepage (linked in sidebar) for details on occasional surcharges or adjustments.
Total Wine & More:
  • $10 for 1 case or less
  • $5 for each additional case
  • $5 of this fee is non-refundable (i.e. if Total Wine does not have your order for whatever reason on the designated day FTV will keep $5 of your original fee as a service charge)
If you order from 2-3 places, your fee will be based on approx. total volume of all your goods and pricing will be similar to those stated above ($12 for all of your items if less than one paper grocery bag/one case of wine's worth of space, etc.) PLUS a $2 surcharge for each additional store. (Two stores: $2, three stores: $4)

This coming Monday is an FTV day! Get your wine (and other :) orders in! Total Wine is linked in the blog sidebar and on the FTV homepage for your convenience.